Monday, January 13, 2014

Me weight-loss Journey post #1

I have been meaning to update ever since New Year's eve but i kept telling myself not until I create a new blog layout. Yup, both never happened. Although, I will definitely make hat new layout soon..

Happy New Year!! I kniw it's late butI can't go on blogging the whole year without wishing you a Haopy New Year. it just wouldn't be right.  :p

Anyway, one of my New. Year's Resolution (that seems to appear every year) is to lose weight! Yup, every year I vow to lose weight but it never happens too. So this year I decided to make it happen. Surrounded by supportive colleagues,friends and family, I am positive that I will make it this year. In fact I have lost 3kg as at today.

Started the program on 4th January 2013. The plan is to
1) eat healthily - I am officially on a low carb diet now
2) do a HIIT every other day
3) do pilates and yoga on daily basis
4) eat lots of fat burning food

I'm pretty surprised myself how I could actually manage to survive without rice for a week! But when I slip into that shirt that I haven't worn since last year I realised it is all worth it!

Well apart from this, my New Year's Resolution are
1) to go to Korea!
2) to play at least a song on my ukulele
3) to blog at least once a week

Yup, not so ambitious like last year but this time around. I want to make all of them happen. insyaAllah.

Before I sign off, lets do this!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

year and recap :p

Hello everyone! Can you believe that it's the end of 2013 now? I think my blog posts this year is kess than 100 posts... Totally failed one of my 2013 resolutions! Chikuso!

Anyway so much has happened this year..the big highlight would be my new job! Yup I landed a job in KL - which was one of my 2013 resolution too!! On top of that, I love this job too. Coz I have awesome colleagues and bosses! Yup such a big bonus for me to get to do what I like to do with people that I get along with easily.

This is a photo of our fun time after work. We were having a paper plane competition. Loser will have to buy lunch. I was at 2nd place woot!

And this is a Christmas tree that me and my colleague Munirah decorated together :)

 All that for less than RM100. Awesome hey?


Anyway, I just learnt a sad fact about life which is... Those ass kissers are everywhere no matter what industry you are in, you will definitely meet someone who is an ass kisser. I remember leaving a company once because I couldn't stand watching someone who was not good at her work yet she gets promotion coz the boss likes her better. I now realize that it's not worth it for me to leave a good job because of someone else. But things happens for a reason and God has plans for everyone....honestly, I know that ass kissers are everywhere but I'm just suprised on how little effort was put in by the ass kisser and yet he easily gets his promotion... 

Just a thought for us to ponder.

Anyway, my latest obsession is JKS!!, yup google that up..used to hate pretty boy so much but that has changed !

Ok then I am very sleepy. It's 3.00 am and I am trying to stop myself from continuing watching"Whan a Man's in love".. Good drama, I totally recommend watching this one.




Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Not-So New Addiction

Thanks to a friend who posted about watching the Korean Drama "Good Doctor" here , I went to watch it on Yodrama one night after work. I loved it and when Zahed came home, he joined me and we both were hooked! haha

It's basically a drama about an autistic boy (Park Si On) who had a really rough childhood. His dad took him as a burden and would hit his mom for taking him to the hospital coz he thinks it's a waste of money. His childhood friend was a pet rabbit and his elder brother. One night his dad went ballistic and hit his mom for taking him to see a doctor for treatment and he threw the rabbit's cage against the wall. That was when he lost his first  best friend. Due to his lack of friends, his elder brother made a deal with a bunch of boys who refused to be friends with Park Si On that he and his brother would take any challenge if they would let Si On into their gang. The leader of the pack told them to enter an abandon tunnel and get something from inside. The tunnel collapsed when they were in there. His elder brother died in that tunnel. From that day onwards he was determined to be a paediatric. With strong determination, he became one! And so, you may go to Yodarama to watch the rest if you are interested. I have to warn you, it's addictive!

So last night we saw the link to the last episode of the drama and decided to watch it properly tonight coz both of us were so sleepy and we didn't want to miss anything from that episode. I would say watching this drama which is my first Korean Drama has changed my point of view on the Korean fever. Used to make fun of my sister and mom for watching and listening to them. Now I find myself and Zahed watching The Running Man. Eeps!

and we watched 2 days One Night show the other day coz Joo Won was on it! hahah Oh Em Gee

Yup...we have caught the fever!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya & Happy 5th Anniversary to us


It's hard to believe that Ramadhan has left us. 1 month flew by so fast and now we are celebrating Eid and for me and Zahed, it was our 5th wedding anniversary :) zahed bought me an ipad mini for our anniversary! <3 he definitely knows what kind of ghings that I go for. I am a little late in buying his gift.. I plan to buy his gift as soon as I get my first pay from the company that I will be joining soon



We went back to my parents place the night before Eid coz my mom wanted us to light the firework she bought for Raya. Every year she would spend hundreds for fireworks. Eversince we were in primary school. That's mom, the reason we had a fun childhood despite living in a palm oil estate where our nearest neighbour is 10km away. Anyway back to Eid.

Zahed's boss came over to his parents house on the first day so we headed back to our place ( we share the same place as his parents) in the afternoon of 1st Eid. Few of his workmates came too and it was a really nice day as I get to meet them personally.

At about 7pm we headed back to my mom's place as we planned to play with some fireworks. It was lots of fun spent with my brothers and sister. And I forgot to mention mom made her yummy bolognese spaghetti which made me gained a couplrof kilos the first day of Raya haha.

One of the best Eid for us. Alhamdulillah

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A day before Eid

I have been down with sore throat since last Friday and yesterday the whole gang ( flu & fever ) joined us. And to top that, today I have diarrhea. Pheww am so weak right now. But i rested well the whole day and hoping that it will all be gone by tomorrow.

Anyway, we still haven't decided on which day to go to my mom's place. I was thinking of going back in the evening of first Raya since Zahed's colleague n bosses is coming over in first raya. Get it all done and head to my mom seems like a good plan. Plus I am all excited to meet my cousin and his new born baby boy.

We have made our traditional dish "rendang daging" yummy. This dish takes hours to be done so my MIL decided it should be done days ahead so she could rest on the night before Raya.

In another note, Tommy our cat,is really sick. Mom sent him to the animal hospital and we are praying that he will recover soon..

I'm off to bed for a bit. It's gonna be a busy day for us tomorrow.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Feeling the Raya fever

Hello everyone, I finally have the mood and time to update. Life has been crazy for the past 2 months and I'm glad that now I have resolved some issues and finally calmed down.

It's amazing how Allah plan your life and I went through a rough patch iny working life and I prayed hard everyday and Alhamdulillah Allah has finally answered my prayers. I am very grateful and I hope that I will be a better muslim from now on. 

Anyways now that everything has been resolved, I finally caught the Raya Mood. We went on a shopping spree at pusat kraftangan last weekend and I ended up with 2 gorgeous batik kaftans. Zahed n Laith got their baju melayu at Masjid Jamek 2 days before that. Our theme this year will be blue. And when we got home, we kinda realize that we wore blue 2 Eids ago. Haha whatever :p
Saw this gigantic leather slippers at Pusat Kraftangan. They had a demonstration on most of the famous Malaysian handicrafts. I saw hiw people make that hand woven samping and I finally understand why they are expensive!
I still haven't found my hijab to match my raya outfit and I saw this awesome shop that recently opened in Wangsa Melawati. Gotta check that shop out.. 
Getting sleepy now. Goodnight world and I wanna remind me to always be grateful to Allah for everything that he He has given me. Amin