Monday, October 20, 2014

Green fingers

I spent a few minutes on Saturday morning to look at my plants. I have 2 plants in my MIL's garden. One is the Aloe plant which was initially belongs to my colleague. He asked me to take care of his aloe plant when he resigned from our old employer and when the plant was in my care, 2 baby aloe sprouted ( is that the correct term?) so I adopted one of them.

It used to be big but I forgot to water it until it wilted. I quickly save this fella, watered it and gave it some fertalizer and it started growng again. Phewh!

I also have my mint plant. My MIL bought it for me in Sungai Buluh. I wanted to have one coz I used to make my own detox drink. You know, the one with lemon, cucumber, orange skin and mint leaves in ice water. It was hard to keep the mint leaves fresh in the refrigerator so I decided to get one pot and keep it in the garden. This fella experienced a similar problem with the aloe plant. I forgot to water it for a week so it started wilting. And there was some bugs stuck on the leaves. I had to cut off the wilted part past 2 weeks and now I'm somglad to see some green leaves started growing

I was never good at planting. I used to plant cactus and they died! My mom said that cactus are supposed to be the easiest kind of plant to keep so it kinda bothered me. It made me think that I am just not meant to plant anything. Well after looking the aloe plant and the mint plant, I think I was wrong after all. I think it's in my blood. My dad after all, has been a planter all his life.

I went to look at my MIL's bunga kantan ( torch ginger flower) and took some photos of it.


That's a pretty neat looking flower right?


Friday, October 17, 2014


Can't believe that weekend is kicking off soon! It has been crazy busy week! I don't have any major plans for the weekends. Just helping my parents out with their move. They are moving to their new house which is like 3-5 mijs drive from her old place.

Anyway, we had lunch at Sisters @ GTower which is my colleague S's favourite restaurant. I'm starting to think that he actually have a share in that restaurant coz he eats there at least twice a week! When I say 'he' well I mean 'we' coz I get dragged along to that restaurant too. After trying so many different kind of dishes, I finally found one dish that I really like


Seafood noodle soup..they are pretty good and the gravy is not so oily. I like to think of it as a healthy meal coz I used to eat those oily fried rice noodle and their hokkien mee which are crazy oily too. My colleague T had some salted egg I think...S on the other had was having his seafood soup with rice, which he orders every time we eat im Sisters!

Anyway, it rained again later in the afternoon which I truly enjoy. I love the cool weather outside and the sound of the raindrops hitting the window. The only thing that is missing at that moment is my bed!


Can't wait to get home and sleep in on the weekend mornings!!!

Meet the suggies

Sometime in September I took my friend (who is from the states and started working here) to one of our famous night markets in Danau Kota. We discovered a pet shop in thee and the guy from that pet shop was holding a female sugar glider who was very tame! She was climbing on my shoulder and sleeping in my arms while I was listening to that guy explaining on how to keep a sugar glider as a pet.

I decided I should get one coz they are cute plus you can carry them anywhere in a bag.

The first one we bought was a male glider. Laith named him Big Chill from the Ben 10 alien character. Big Chill was 5-6 months when we got him. It took zahed 2 weeks to tame this fella. Him and zahed had crazy arguments at night before he was tamed. We took Big Chill to Cherating for my brother's wedding and he behaved well.

A month after we had Big Chill, he started to make this weird sounds at night. You know how sugar gliders are active at night. He made a continuous weird sound and will stop until I get up and talk to him. I figured that he was lonely. i suggested we get another glider to keep him company so that was when we got our female glider, Sweet Cheeks(laith named her). Sweet cheeks is pretty hard to tame, even when she is tamed, she still makes that crabbing noise and Big Chill would go "psst, psst". I think that is his way to tell her to shut
Anyway, I think having a sugar glider is not much work except for cleaning and feeding. I play with them every alternate days at night and Zahed takes them to play outside on the trees. But one thing I'm not so hapoy about is how expensive their food and accessories are!
Here some photos of Big Chill having fun outdoors.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Productive Day

Today has been really busy. Although the boss wasn't around the whole day we have so much to do and with the new projects that we have nailed I forsee that we will be crazy busy until early next year!

Anyway I think my boss has a really great strategy in making sure that we do our job. He writes down everyone's task on the whiteboardand each given a due date. Once a week he will call us for a 'chat' which actually is going through the stuff on the whiteboard. Me and my colleague S calls it the 'Board meeting'. We will need to update him on our progress. I used to be so damn scared when he calls for a 'chat' but now that I have to do my stuff, I'm all smiles when I update him on my progress haha ( a bit exaggerating on the 'all smiles' part)

Anyway, we had lunch at Sushi Zanmai again!!!! Yummness just mentioning the name makes me salivating lol. I ordered the same Salmon Zanmai and I was enjoying every one of them, we sat right next ti the conveyor and I can't help eyeing tall the salmon sushis while waiting for my order. Funny S just knew which sushi I was eyeing and grab the plate and told me to eat it's hard to control myself around salmon really. My colleague T was there this time and I honestly can't remember what she or S ordered because I was busy savouring my Salmon Belly Sushi.

Anyway, we left office pretty late today. Had to waitfor S to complete his stuff before we start our board meeting again and board meeting started at 6.30 I think and we were done at 7.15pm. My boss told T that it wasn't his fault that we had to work late coz it was all S's fault coz we had to wait til he was done and told T to go and be angry at S. Hahah it's hard to be mad or stay mad at S especially for me coz he is like a brother to me. For gods sake he throws tissue that he blows his nose with towards me and the only personwho does that to me is my brother!

Anyway, Zahed picked me up at the LRT and then we had dinner at Sukumvit AU5D. I ordered their red tom yamtotally forgetting that it tasted weird the last time we had it there. They put sugar in it I think coz it was sweet. However this time around it tasted better and I managed to finish the whole bowl.

Red tomyam

Thats beef in red sauce

Salted fish vegetable


Dinner was good. i managed to do a 15 min Kettlebell workout and now I'm ready for bed *yawns*


Laith started reading

We never knew that Laith has started reading. This is because every time we ask him to read something, he tells us he doesn't know how. Until one day his teacher called us to confirm whether we want to continue sending him to the same school next year. We were thinking of sending him to another school next year. not because the current school is no good. The current school is really good, but it focuses more on religious studies (at least that was what I thought at first). So I told the teacher about my concern on Laith's reading skill. That's when the teacher told me that he knows how to read, but in English. Coz they have been teaching him to read the Ladybird's Peter and Jane series! So I realized why he wasn't able to read the book that I asked him to read before, it's because they were Malay books. So of we went to Kinokuniya one day and I bought 3 Peter and Jane books and 1 other book "Grizzly Bear Rock"

I was really happy to see him read the first 2 Peter & Jane books smoothly! But then i thought, hmm maybe he was memorizing it, so I gave him the Grizzly Bear Rock book. Wow, he was able to read all the words that he knows from the Peter and Jane books. So I taught him the new words on the GBR book. 

Now he reads to me every night before the bed time. Just like I did to my mom when i was his age (or maybe older) and learning to read the Peter and Jane Series.

Me and Zahed are so grateful and happy! Can't wait to get more books form him once I get my pay!

3096 Days


I found out about it through my sister's friend. I would say it is worthwhile to watch. If you are from Malaysia, you should tune in to Astro! Can't remember which channel though...


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Finally my Mochi

Tuesday has been hectic for me. Been busy the whole day sorting some stuff and I still have a lot more to do tomorrow. But i'm not really complaining coz it makes my weekdays goes faster.

Anyway I can't understand why KL is hazy despite the amount of rain we've been getting lately.

It's not that clear in the photo but the air is really smoky to the point where a face mask is necessary. But I am totally loving the weather. As in the cloudy in the morning and raining in the evening. Yup, I do enjoy the monsoon season to be honest. The last quarter of the year is definitely my favourite part of the year.. I only hated it last time when I had that fishing fever.

Yesterday's lunch was delish!so glad that my colleague (also my very good buddy that I have brotherly fights with everyday) agreed to go to Sushi Zanmai. He used to say that he won't go there because usually there is a long queue in front of Sushi Zanmai during lunch hour. Luckily yesterday there wasn't one! My favourite sushi set ever *drumroll*

Salmon Zanmai
Salmon Zanmai

Salmon Zanmai

It was super delish! I can't wait for another round of salmon sushi. i told my colleague that I could buy a chunck of raw salmon from the supermarket and just eat it like that and I mean it.

Anyway, I have been craving for Mochi since yesterday. I used to think Mochi is kinda disgusting coz of the color and the texture. My mom used to buy a lot of them but I never felt the need to try them. Until one day, my colleague(the same one) gave me that snow skin mooncake and told me that the skin tastes like mochi and I fell in love with it at the first bite. Now that mooncake season is gone, I've only got this red bean mochi, doesn't taste exactly the same of course but I think this will do until another mooncake festival comes back next year. Thanks hubby for getting them for me!

Tomorrow's gonna be another long day for me..better get some sleep now.